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Low-carbon Transport

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

As part of a lecture series on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), IEN has been invited by the Malaysian Architect Association (PAM) to give a talk on "Low Carbon Transport: Reclaiming the Streets". The talk focuses on a rethink of the car-based transportation culture, which has prevailed in countries around the World including Malaysia. Low-carbon transportation alternatives are not only in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, but also improve quality of life, human interaction, safety, health and longevity. Gregers (IEN) will share his perspectives, drawing upon his 14 years of work experience in the built environment in Malaysia and being one of the very few bicycle commuters in Kuala Lumpur. Gregers hails from one of the bicycling capitals of the World, “kampung Copenhagen”, where 62% of the people commute by bicycle.

Program (click).

IEN presentation:

Pictures from the Event:

Speakers Gregers Reimann and Girish Ramachandran with PAM Event organizers.

Gregers Reimann, IEN Consultants, delivering his talk at PAM Centre.


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