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ROI of Green & Healthy Buildings

IEN (Regina) has been invited to be a panelist at an industry discussion entitled "The ROI of Green & Healthy Buildings". The three panelists will share insights and case study data relating to the costs and returns of sustainable and healthy buildings. The discussion will include a look at WELL, LEED, and other regional certification standards like Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI), and an analysis of costs incurred to conform to various standards, ROI gained, and ROI timeframes. Each of our experts will review case studies on the ROI of certified buildings in Malaysia and the US, including Paramit’s “Factory in the Forest", along with various international examples that apply the WELL Building Standard. The three panelists and their presentation titles are:

  1. 1) ANN MARIE AGUILAR: WELL FACULTY, WELL AP Director of Operations, Europe, International WELL Building Institute "The WELL Building Standard and the ROI of Healthy Buildings"

  2. REGINA NG, GREEN BUILDING CHAMPION AT IEN CONSULTANTS "Paramit's 'Factory in the Forest', and IKEA: Benefits Gained from Green and Healthy Building Design"


  4. "Green Cost, Greener Profits: A Quantified Analysis of Certified Buildings in Malaysia"

This free webinar takes place on 15 October 2020 at 9 pm (Malaysian time) and includes a panel discussion as well as Q&A with the audience.

Event flyer.

Teaser video.


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