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Site Visit with Students | Green Interior Design Fit-out

IEN was invited to give interior design lecture to students at the Möbius Academy about the environmental aspects of green building design and fit-out. Moreover, IEN helped to arrange for a site visit to the Terasek House, which completes construction in 1½ months, after which the interior design work starts. The course assignment for the students over the next two weeks is to propose an interior design for the house. It will be interesting to see their design proposals - and the green elements that they will include in their design proposals.

Interior design students visiting the Terasek House, Bangsar, Malaysia

For several of the students, this was their first time visiting a construction site. They were excited by the visit and visibly impressed by the beautiful architectural design by VILLArchitects; a UK architectural practice founded by a Malaysian architect; view their design drawings and rendering for the Terasek House here:

Below, a juxtaposition of the 3D rendering by VILLArchitects and the visit of the Möbius Academy students yesterday in the same space of the house:

One of the topics in IEN's lecture about green fit-out was the focus on choosing environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to human health. Especially to prevent off-gassing that can cause cancer, such as from the chemical formaldehyde that often used in wooden furniture and boards, and off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that often are used for sealants, carpets and paints. Below are the results of a VOC measurement undertaken by IEN Consultants for two different paints, an normal paint and a low-VOC paint:

The measurements show that air pollution level for normal paint becomes "very high" after just 20 minutes, whereas the low-VOC paint remains within the low air pollution level throughout the experiment.

The full slide deck by IEN on the environmental aspects of green building design and fit-out can be viewed and downloaded here:

At the end of the site visit, we took this group photo and the entrance of the house naturally ventilated with open terracotta screen walls:

Möbius Academy students with Gregers (IEN) on far left and lecturer LeAnne Lim (white blouse) in the middle. 28 February 2023, Terasek House, Bangsar, Malaysia

A big thank you to the Terasek House client, the architect and the contractor, Shawn, for letting us visit the house, and to let the students use it for the interior design education. Much appreciated.

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