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Teaching Green Building Course

IEN is delighted to be part of the new Green Building course at University of Kuala Lumpur. The course came about thanks to the initiative by lecturer, Mohd Akram Dandu (UniKL BMI), with whom we have had a good collaboration for many years. As such, IEN was happy to both give input the course syllabus as well as help to teach three of the lectures about energy efficient and high performance building design.

The three IEN's lectures specifically touch on the following topics:

  • Passive building design

  • Active building design and systems

  • Lifecycle assessment of buildings

Moreover, IEN is sharing several of its green building case studies from Malaysia, which students often find quite interesting and more relatable. In fact, one of our case study buildings is just outside the classroom window, namely the UniKL Sustainable Energy Living Lab, which will complete construction in the first months of 2024. Together with Mohd Akram Dandu and others, we helped to design this teaching lab building to be highly energy efficient with different energy storages (employing the ”building as a battery” concept) and producing twice as much energy as it consumes thanks to the different solar PV installations at the roof and facades of the building.

Once completed, we should be able to incorporated the new UniKL building directly in the green building course, as it is Living Lab concepts lends itself to well to green building course teaching / course work / research, as the idea is to increase university-industry collaboration, whereby industry can have the 3rd party performance testing of their building products. Such testing offers a great opportunity for continuous research by UniKL staff / M.Sc students / Ph.D. students.


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