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The Unequivocal Case for Decarbonisation

The first official announcement of carbon neutrality for Malaysia came on 27 Sept 2021 with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob pledging for Malaysia to “become a carbon neutral country by 2050 at the earliest”. This pledge was short on details. In a subsequent ministerial reply on the matter the public was told that Malaysia will make an announcement on its carbon neutrality commitment upcoming Climate Summit (COP26) in the UK next month.

Weighty arguments for Malaysia undertaking this 100 per cent renewable energy transition include

  • Broad public support

  • Sound economics

  • Green job creation

  • The moral imperative of leaving a livable planet for our children, grandchildren and future generations

The latter point was cemented by the latest climate report by IPCC (6 Aug 2021), which stated human activity “unequivocally” is causing rapid climate change. In other words, we are the first generation, who cannot say that we did not know about the existential threat posed by climate change!

Read the full article below, published in the @green Xtra magazine, Oct-Nov 2021 issue:

The entire @green magazine can be read at this online view link (click)

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