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USGBC Leadership Award 2021

Congratulations to the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MoH) for being awarded the 2021 Leadership Award by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC commends MoH for obtaining LEED Certification (Gold) for the "first and only government hospital in Southeast Asia, Sultanah Maliha in Langkawi, through LEED Operations and Management certification for Existing Buildings and [for committing] to retrofitting 10 existing government hospital buildings under LEED for Operations and Management." In fact, MoH recently also obtained the highest LEED Certification (Platinum) for the Jasin hospital, also under LEED v4 O&M, an achievement that the Minister of Health, Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba, called historic with "Malaysia and the Ministry of Health (MOH) leading the world in Green Hospital Facility, [which is] in line with the world’s efforts to address climate change and environmental health issues”.

At IEN Consultants, we are glad and honoured to having assisted the MoH in achieving these green building certification successes and look forward to continued collaboration in MoH's journey of certifying all of Malaysia's government hospitals green by 2025. In fact, we recently wrote the below article "MoH leads in greening", a leadership that now has been formally recognized on the World stage by USGBC.

The above article by IEN published in @green, march-april 2021, page 12-13, is also available online

Read the 2021 USGBC Leadership Award for South-East Asia press release (link)

Read the Malaysian Malay Mail newspaper article, 11 June 2021: "Health minister: Jasin Hospital creates history by receiving LEED platinum certification from USGBC" (link)

Read the Malaysian Utusan Malaysia newspaper article, 11 June 2021: "Hospital Jasin pertama dunia diiktiraf sijil tertinggi LEED bangunan hijau" (link)

Read Malaysian Ministry of Health's press statement on Facebook (link)

Screendumps from the 2021 USGBC Leadership Award (10 June 2021) and TV3 news coverage in Malaysia (12 June 2021):

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