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We're Hiring - Sustainability Consultant (Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

As a pioneering green building professional in the region, with over 25 million sqft GFA of sustainability project experiences in Malaysia and overseas, we are looking for the right talent in joining our vibrant, robust and energetic team composed of various professional backgrounds.

Come join our IEN family if the below describes you, please email your CV to with the email titled: Job Application: Sustainability Consultant


In IEN Consultants, we imagine a world where buildings and transport are low carbon and in balance with what the Earth can handle.

It is our mission to develop and demonstrate energy efficient, low carbon environmentally friendly and healthy buildings to combat the toughest problem of this century and humanity's existential threat that our generation has to face - climate change.


In IEN, we strive to think out of the box. Rooted in a firm understanding of building physics, we like to come up with innovative sustainable design solutions drawing on different perspectives within the company.

We use building simulation software to prove that our design solutions work and to influence design optimisation decisions in an integrated design process with other consultants. And we like to undertake measurements in completed projects, analyse the actual building performance and draw valuable lessons.

We go beyond the conventional checklist, we are flexible and with adequate supervision from senior staff in finding, delivering and conveying solutions and aim for excellence in everything we do.


1. Primary responsible for strategizing, leading and implementing sustainable building design and operation of new and existing buildings to achieve client sustainability goals and obtaining accreditation for developers, building owners, and asset management companies.

2. Evaluating - evaluating projects' sustainability needs using various building tools and software, developing strategies to achieve sustainability goals and certification. Sustainable goals include achieving renewable energy and energy efficiency targets, enhancing indoor environmental qualities, limiting site disturbance, reducing environmental impacts of materials, and harvesting alternating sources of water.

3. Assessing - assessing green costing, impacts, and ROI (return on investment) on sustainability strategies. Strategies include energy cost reductions, carbon reductions, low-carbon transportation, and the health and well-being of building occupants.

4. Implementing - collaborating with various stakeholders including developers, architects, and engineers in finding the solution to sustainability challenges and implementing sustainability strategies. These solutions include optimizing various architecture, ACMV, electrical and system designs, selecting low-impact materials, formulating transportation plans, reducing waste, and enhancing occupants' indoor experience.


1. Willing and able to speak your mind and express your thoughts (written and oral in English).

2. At least 3 years of working experience preferably in built environment design consultancy (architecture, mechanical, electrical, etc).

3. Technical design & operation knowledge of built environments includes architecture design, ACMV, electrical, green features, energy efficiency, water efficiency design and operation.

3. Strong consulting acumen with data analysis skills working with various external stakeholders and influencing project owners.

4. Exceptional analytical thinking skills and creative problem-solving abilities

5. Added advantage: Computer simulation experience for built environments such as Sketch Up, Rhino, IES-VE, Grasshopper, ClimateStudio, Dialux, AutoCAD and Carrier E20.

6. Added advantage: Green Building Certification Credential such as GBIF, LEED AP (any speciality), GreenRE AP, Green Mark Manager and WELL AP.


Continuous Learning: You will be provided with a yearly training development fund and on-hand learning experience with various building research and simulation software, and the opportunity to work on local and international projects.

Open and Inclusive Culture: You’ll be embraced for who you are and empowered to use your experience, your personality and your voice to advance your career path and help others along the way.

Team Support: We don't believe in micro-manage but we are committed to creating a supportive and collaborative environment for you to thrive personally and professionally

Health and Wellness: We believe that happy employees create remarkable results and hence happy clients, therefore your health and wellness are our priority, and we're happy to consider flexible work arrangements (FWA) as needed.

Come join the IEN family if this describes you, please please email your CV to with the email titled: Job Application: Sustainability Consultant

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