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12 pages of Innovative Design

We are quite happy with the latest issue of the FuturArc magazine (Q2 2022), which carries twelve successive pages of our innovative green tropical building designs. The innovations include sky cooling, daylight ducts for high-rise offices, tapping of free roof heat, super efficient air-conditioning (Global Cooling Prize) and roof-mounted air-con panels that both cool and dehumidify the air for houses without consuming any energy. For a preview, see browsing video of the magazine:

Excerpts of our three articles can be read online at the FuturArc magazine webpage:

The Sky as a Source of Cooling & Other Tropical Innovations

Daylight Ducts for High-Rise Offices

Cocoa Craftsman Factory: The building as a chocolate melting machine

More details about each of the above projects will be uploaded to the IEN website by October 2022 at the links below, so stay tuned!


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