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Building Retrofit: A Beautiful Emerging Butterfly

IEN is happy to see our energy efficient building retrofit project, NUS School of Design and Environment, covered in The Singapore Architect magazine (issue no. 22, 2022):

One of the most visible parts of the building retrofit was to upgrade the facade, which due to the West facing direction was cladded with heavy sun shading. The new, lighter and elegant "butterfly" facade screen serves a dual purpose: Beautiful aesthetics as well as good daylight performance with a deep lightshelf that ensures effective shading of the afternoon sun and delivering pleasant glare-free diffuse daylight in the facade perimeter zone until 6 pm.

From this perspective, it is apparent why this is call the butterfly facade. IEN had a good collaboration with architect Erik L'Heureux (FAIA) on fine-tuning this facade screen design, so it aligns with the lightshelf and permits maximum daylight penetration above the lightshelf:

Stay tuned for more information, which will be uploaded at the project webpage following the official building launch in January 2023:


The article appeared in the last printed issue of The Singapore Architect (issue no. 22 - "Embracing Brave New Futures"):


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