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CITIES 4.0 Conference

IEN was invited to speak about "Achieving Sustainable & Green Buildings of the Future" at afternoon session on climate-smart cities. This was part of the 5th Cities 4.0 conference and exhibition, 20-21 September 2022, Kuala Lumpur, organised by Confexhub; refer to conference link:

It was a pleasure to have a subsequent panels discussion, the full roster being:

  • Mr. Raja Shazrin Shah Raja Ehsan Shah, Galaxy Tech Solutions Sdn Bhd, presenting on "How Should Cities Measure Their Greenhouse Gas Emission?"

  • Ar. Michael Ching Chee Hoong, CH&I Architecture Sdn Bhd and BGreen Design Sdn Bhd, presenting on "Achieving Sustainability Beyond Green Buildings"

  • Mr. Peter Lundberg, Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA), presenting on "Strategies to Improve Urban Energy-efficiency for Urban Resilience" and with a special focus on the benefits of district cooling

  • Dr. John Rogers, Roamef LLP, presenting on "Rethinking Pathways to Sustainable Built Environment"

  • Mr. Gregers Reimann, IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd, presenting on "Achieving Sustainable & Green Buildings of the Future"

The slides by IEN can be viewed and downloaded here:

Here's a photo that I took during the conference, namely while Michael Ching presented the Carbon Score scheme that is being developed under malaysiaGBC including participation from IEN Consultants:

Five Carbon Score pilot projects are slated to be presented at the upcoming IGEM conference, 14 Oct 2022, so stay tuned.....


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