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Low Carbon Cities webinars

IEN was invited to take part in the 5-part webinar series on Low Carbon Cities. The five topics for this series were:

  • Is Circular Economy a Dream?

  • CO2 Inventory for Cities: How to Benchmark

  • Renewable Energy is the Future: Myth of Fact?

  • Net Zero 2050 Low Carbon Spatial Planning

  • Decarbonising Transport in the Future

The webinar series is one of initiatives under the Green Technology Application for the Development of Low Carbon Cities (GTALCC) project that aims to facilitate the implementation of low carbon initiatives in Malaysian cities. All the presentation slides and webinar recordings are available at:

IEN was one of the panelists for the discussion on "Decarbonising Transport". In his capacity as a Kuala Lumpur bicycle commuter/advocate, Gregers (IEN) spoke about how bicycling is one of the key solutions to future urban transportation. Making the point that implementing adequate and safe bicycling infrastructure kills many birds with one stone:

  • Bicycling has the lowest carbon emissions of any mode of transport

  • Bicycling reduces air pollution in cities

  • Bicycling reduces traffic congestion

  • Bicycling reduces traffic noise

  • Bicycling reduces commuting cost

  • Bicycling improves public health

Moreover, cities become more livable, vibrant and safe when the streets are reclaimed by cyclists and pedestrians.

Electric pedal-assisted bicycles are a great solution for hilly and/or hot humid cities, as they allow people to get around without sweating. The electric motor, which typically can deliver up to 75% of the pedal power, will allow cyclists to climb even the steepest hills without much effort. View or download IEN's slides here:


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