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PALINGENESIS: Architecture & Renewables

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

IEN was invited speak as a reactor at the webinar series entitled "Palingenesis towards meta-polis through architecture and renewables". Or simply put, sustainable urban development that is culturally rooted. The event was organised by The Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Housing (EAROPH) International and the United Architects of the Philippines-Professional Development Commission (UAP-PDC) on 17 September 2022, 2 pm.

Download IEN's slides below:

The list of speakers and reactors for this event were:

  • Arch. Nikos Fintikakis presenting "Urban Built Environment and Cultural Heritage Sites Enhancement: Implementing Renewable Sources of Energy Towards Meta-Polis"

  • Engineer Gregers Reimann, reactor to the above speaker

  • Arch. Antonio Riverso presenting "Urban Metaphosis: From the Unequal and Sick City to a New One Leading to Common Good and Social Happiness"

  • Engineer Alberto P. Bicol, reactor to the above speaker

The event had more than 300 participants and was rounded off by an interesting Q&A session where engineer Alberto Bicol summed it up with the following few simple words: "Stop emitting carbon & no more excuses!"


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