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Featured in KL-Post, a German magazine in Malaysia!

Wow, what a surprise! IEN's interview for the "green issue" of the KL-Post magazine was printed in German! It turns out that this German-language magazine, published by the German Speaking Society Kuala Lumpur (GSSKL) has existed since 1988. Interesting!

The latest two issue of the KL-Post

Since none of the IEN staff speak German, myself included (having had my last German school lesson 31 years ago while in school in Denmark), we had to rely on the google translate app for the translation, which works surprisingly well giving instant translation when pointing the handphone camera to the page.

Translation of the article title featuring IEN Consultants and our green building work

The feature article of the magazine was an interview with the Malaysian Green Building Council (malaysiaGBC) on the green future of Malaysia. It was a pleasure see two of IEN's green buildings featured inside the article, the ST Diamond building (link) and the Paramit - factory in the forest (link):

Michael Ching (honorary secretary) and Sim Chee Liang (president) of malaysiaGBC

One of the ongoing projects under malaysiaGBC is the development of the Carbon Score scheme for the built environment, a task that IEN is also actively engaged in.

Several of the other green articles were also interesting. In summary, it was a fun, pleasant - and challenging - surprise to learn about this 34 year German-language publication in Malaysia. Check it out for yourself here:

Auf wiedersehen :-)


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