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IEM (Institution of Engineers Malaysia) Visit Our Green Factory

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

IEN was delighted to co-host the visit by The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and the Engineers Australia Malaysian Chapter (EAMC) for a technical visit to our green factory project, Paramit - factory in the forest. Suwan and Gregers (IEN) kicked off the visit with an almost 2-hour long presentation incl. a question and answer session about the project. It was great to see so much interest among the participants. Particularly the slab cooling system, from which 1/3 of the cooling is done, garnered much interest.

After the presentation, CK Loh (Paramit) lead a walking tour of the factory, taking us through the green roof areas on the office block, onwards through the manufacturing hall, and finishing through the cantine opening up to the green courtyard.

Following the tour, we took the above group photo and continued the discussions below the shade of the trees and the aluminum louver canopy. Clearly, people were in no hurry to leave and we received much verbal praise and appreciation for the project (see insert).

About half of the participants purchased the 144-page book about the Paramit

building design and construction. The book can be purchased at the Kinokurnia bookshop (KLCC outlet) or ordered online here (click).

The technical slides prepared by IEN Consultants about the Paramit building can be viewed and downloaded here:

Please spread the word, we need energy-efficient and green factories to be the norm - and not the exception!

Photos from the visit:

For more information about the project, go to our project page:


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