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Visit by malaysiaGBC to our Green Factory

It was a pleasure to co-host the visit by the Malaysia Green Building Council (malaysiaGBC) members to our green factory project, Paramit - factory in the forest, on 3rd Dec 2022. Always a pleasure to show the building to visitors, who are genuinely interested in green buildings - and watching their excitement over this building itself.

Gregers Reimann (IEN) presenting

In our presentation, we emphasized the point that the client at the onset wanted what he called a "cheap building", which to him meant a high performing building. Because the client knew that he would have to pay the energy bills, so constructing an ordinary in-efficient building would be very expensive in the long run. The client also had an intrinsic understanding that the building had to be a conducive space that stimulates the senses of it occupants with daylight, views and good air quality. In our presentation, we showed that this is was also a wise business decision, as the extra money spent on construction cost would be earned back in about 1 year, once factoring in all the benefits of going green:

  • Energy savings

  • Staff less sick

  • Staff more productive

  • Staff retention higher

  • Improved image

  • Free publicity

The country manager of Paramit Tecan, Mr. Michel Van Crombrugge, agreed that all the above benefits were real, albeit, difficult to establish the exact benefit in monetary terms.

The IEN slides are available for viewing and pdf download here:

Slides 64-67 have (group) photos from the visit itself.

Many thanks for Mr. Ooi Zi Xun and Ms. Siti Isma Hani Ismail, both from malaysiaGBC Northern Chapter, for arranging this visit.

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For more information, go to our Paramit project page:


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